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To match your lenses as well as possible to your wishes, Optiek Ninon has divided the lenses into different glass packages:

Type of glass Name
Single Eye en Finished Uncoated Orma
Single Finished 1.6 HMC
Bifocal Eye and Bifo HC
Bifocal 1.5 HMC Focus Bifo 1.5 HMC helder
Bifocal 1.5 HMC Trans Essilor 1.5 HMC Trans
Bifocal 1.6 HMC Essilor and 1.6 HMC
Multifocal 1.5 HMC Focus Digital 1.5 HMC Helder
Multifocal 1.5 HMC Trans Essilor and 1.5 HMC Trans
Multifocal 1.6 Trans Essilor and 1.6 HMC
Multifocal 1.6 HMC Trans Essilor and 1.6 HMC Trans
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