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Accessibility = Growth

On 8 May 1971 Optiek Ninon was founded by the young and ambitious Ninon Brunings.

Her motto "Make sure you have a satisfied customer today and tomorrow you will have not only him, but also his family, his friends and his colleagues as customers." With this simple, yet powerful vision, Optiek Ninon has been able to grow to 6 stores inside and outside of Paramaribo

Our growth is indicated by accessibility throughout Suriname.
As an industry leader, we maintain the same level of quality, service and care in our six stores, called Home of Ninon.

At Optiek Ninon we want to continue to grow and will always work to maintain and develop our core values: professionalism, growth, social responsibility, ambition and excellence. The family feeling and professional development are also important in our corporate culture. Through training and motivation sessions, employees are continuously stimulated.


Driven to care beyond vision.

Our vision reflects our desire for growth and our ambition, which motivates us to expand our business portfolio far beyond our expertise. In a subtle way, this allows us to offer more than just eyewear and create a wide range of opportunities, all within the fundamental core values of our organization.


We believe everyone deserves good vision. In "The Homes of Ninon, our well-trained specialist are dedicated to providing customers with quality service and care.

Optiek Ninon Private Labels

Our growth and footprint have prompted us to take the bold step into the private label market. This gives us the advantage of making good quality eyewear accessible to all.

Our strong brands and our price/quality offerings have allowed us to be market leaders. The Ninon brand is our flagship label across the line and truly makes an emotional connection with our family members, which is cherished at all of our locations.

This demand for price quality and choice proved itself and pushed us beyond our borders into the Caribbean.



Optiek Ninon

The birth of our first home in the heart of Paramaribo. A cherished monumental asset that is the main quarters of our Ninon family.



All the way to the west, we offered the first Optical Store in Nickerie


Hermitage Mall

From the center to the south of Paramaribo, in our busiest shopping mall, the Hermitage Mall


Instyle @ Optiek Ninon

Our answer to the question of two completely different segments, Instyle



Spread our wings in the second largest city of Suriname, Lelydorp



Our latest home of Ninon in the East, Commewijne
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