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Have you seen some nice glasses, but is it just above your budget or have you still not saved enough? Then you do not need to worry about that. At Optiek Ninon we take care of the improvement of your vision, while GODO provides smooth financing.
Ai waka!

How does this work

  • you request a quote from Optiek Ninon
  • this quote is forwarded to GODO by Optiek Ninon
  • GODO will process the request and you will be contacted upon approval
  • Optiek Ninon will call you as soon as you can collect your prescription

What do I need to submit a quote to GODO?

  • a copy of your id
  • a statement of employ (if you are employed)
  • your last payslip
  • bank statements going back 3 months
  • a CBB extract

Meer information

If you have any more questions or you just need more information about our Ai Waka financing plan, please contact customer service via (+597) 410344 or call GODO at (+597) 421546.

Smart idea for the keen eye.

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