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Customer Experience

Eye Exam

Professional advice and prescription are the first step for good vision.
Determining possible refractive errors and other shortcomings are the key.

An in-depth analysis is based on the specific needs, lifestyle and preferences of the customer.


Choosing the right frame, model, correct fit, fashion style requires a professional and customer-oriented approach.

Freedom of choice from a range of brands, including our own brand, offers the perfect solution that meets the needs of the customer.


A fully equipped and advanced finishing lab with highly trained technicians takes care of the assembly and ensures a high-quality and tailor-made end product.

Finally, a total quality control of the end product is carried out before delivery.

Customer Service

We attach great importance to a consistent follow-up of our customers who leave our stores. Small repairs are free for everyone.
Guarantee on all our products and services is part of our after sale service / customer service.

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