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There are several reasons for applying colored lenses.

a) convenience:
Nowadays, every soft lens has a very light shade; this makes the lens more easily recognizable in clear liquid. Especially easy for someone who sees badly and has trouble finding the lenses in the lens holder.

b) cosmetic reasons:
The largest group of color lens wearers wear color lenses because of the cosmetic effect. It is possible to change or influence the iris color. Color lenses are available with and without strength and of course in different color combinations.

c) medical indication:
Wearing color lenses may also have a medical indication. An eye that has been damaged by an accident or operation may appear normal again with a color lens. These lenses are painted by hand and are called an irisprint lens. If a patient has a lot of nuisance from the light, a lens can be worn that stops or filters the light.

Sometimes contact lenses are used to completely cover an eye. This can be chosen if the image in the eye is perceived as annoying or if there are annoying double images. The lens is then completely black in color.

Color lenses have all the features of soft lenses and also require the same treatment and care. As with any soft lens, it is important to wear a lens with the right fit and strength and to treat it hygienically. It is important to have colored lenses, like any other lens, measured and checked by a contact lens specialist.

A color lens can enhance its own iris color. The own color of the eyes remains visible but can be changed from light blue to clear blue for example. This is especially suitable for a light iris color. The color of the iris can also be completely changed, for example from blue to green.