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Do you wear contact lenses or do you want to start wearing them? Then these tips will definitely come in handy!

Tips for inserting lenses

  • Always wash your hands
  • Be careful with your nails
  • Make sure that the lens is not inside out
  • Moisten the contact lens well
  • Lay the contact lens on the top of your index finger and bring the lens up to your eye, while pulling down your under eyelid with your middle finger. Use your other hand to hold your upper eyelid open.
  • Using your finger, bring the lens up until it touches your eye.
  • Then blink softly a few times
  • Always insert the right and left contact lens in the same order to prevent mixing them up.

Always make sure you close the fluids well after use.

The lenses must be worn based on the schedule the contact lens specialist has advised.

Tips for removing lenses

  • Wash and dry hands well
  • While looking up, pull the contact lens down with the top of the index finger on the whites of the eye. Now using the thumb ‘pick’ the contact lens from the eye. The fingertips must be thoroughly dry. If it does not work immediately repeat the procedure. Make sure the eyes do not feel too dry. Re-moisten the eye with a little liquid before removing the contact lens. This is to prevent tearing of the lens.
  • If the contact lens has been removed from the eye, moisten it immediately to prevent it from drying out and damage.
  • Now clean the contact lens in the palm of your hand with the cleaning fluid for thirty (30) seconds and then rinse the cleaning fluid with rinsing liquid, definitely not with water!
  • Now place the contact lens in the holder and then add the liquid so that the lens remains submerged and does not float.
  • The risk of losing the soft contact lenses is small, but extra caution is required when doing water sports and especially when swimming.
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