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Hard lenses are lenses that retain their form, so they do not have much give. This makes them extremely appropriate when the eye declines in strength. Because of the developments in ophthalmology, hard lenses have a longer lifespan and allow a lot of oxygen to pass through, which benefits the health of the eye. A standard hard lens usually corrects the cylinder correction of C -0.50 / C-0.75. When a hard lens has a reading part, this will be concentric.

Benefits of hard lenses


  • they last longer, with a lifespan of 1-2 years
  • they are of very good quality because they are custom made by the optician
  • they are less porous to dirt and other harmful substances absorb less easily
  • the visibility is less likely to decline
  • it can correct different eye abnormalities
  • they are highly oxygen permeable, depending on the material its made from
  • there is no monovision; you have a better and sharper image because they are not susceptible to moisture
  • fewer problems with inflammation