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Save time and money ! You can now make an appointment for your eye examinations and/or eyewear at any of our outlets from any location.

You eyes are priceless. Preventative care is therefore a must. Make sure you do your optometric examinations get advice from experts in the field. At Optiek Ninon you are the right address for eye care and eyewear.

Possible reasons for Optometric examinations:

  • Inconsistent eyesight during the day, tiredness of the eyes or double vision

  • Painful eyes, light flashes

  • High Blood pressure, diabetes, use of medication that can affect the eyes

  • Visual impairments in the family (i.e. glaucoma, retina complications)

  • Not able to get accustomed to multifocal glasses, complications with a recent pair of glasses

  • Red eyes or dry eyes (teary eyes)

  • Problems with contacts


Is it time for a new pair of glasses ?You can now make an appointment online with one of our specialists to select the right pair of frames and glasses that best suit you. We provide you with a proper quotation before your purchase.


You can fill in the form below to make your appointment. When you’re finished click Send and we will verify all the information to confirm the appointment



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For more information please contact any of our locations in your area:

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